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About us

”Mobility for those that need it, when they need it”

Welcome to a new direction for demand responsive public transport – this is DRT Solutions

By combining the latest digital technology with over thirty years of experience and expertise in on-call public transport, transport for the disabled, medical travel, and school transfers, DRT Solutions create innovative tools and processes for demand responsive transport. The end products are solutions that meet the challenges of public sector transport today, and that can be adapted to meet the challenges of the future.


Innovations for streamlining demand responsive transport systems

DRT Solutions is part of the Samres Groups, but the company has stood on its own two feet since 2016, with the goal of creating pioneering IT systems and methods for on-call public transport. DRT Solutions is led by Björn Falk, Martin Andersson and Christer Viléus, who together provide competence and many years of experience in demand responsive transport, business development, and system technology. Their vision is to combine social benefits, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness in a single IT package. Therefore it makes perfect sense that the company has an operations division, led by Ana Dulgher, that continuously evaluates solutions in real-time to find opportunities for improvements. It’s no surprise either, that development is a key part of their approach to business.


Modern workplaces need modern methods

DRT Solutions is a partner to municipalities, local authorities and businesses that want to turn their on-call public transport services into modern, customized operations. By combining today’s digital technology with a wealth of experience and expertise, DRT Solutions have made individualized, cost-effective, stable solutions a reality in the demand responsive transport industry.

”We have packaged our expertise and experience in a digital form”

Björn Falk, CEO of DRT Solutions

Take a safe and secure journey with us

Changing IT systems in a public workplace is always a big step, and it is especially important with demand responsive transport to maintain a safe and secure transition. DRT Solutions always deliver responsibility and support – before, during, and after implementation. Everything from a structured inventory to protecting the data that needs to be moved, as well as configuration, implementation and testing (both in a test environment and in real-world scenarios) are included.


Achieve your goals and reduce costs with DRT Solutions

Choose a provider that understands how operations really function and who can recognize both your needs and your goals in a astute way. DRT Solutions have experience in on-call public transport, medical travel, transport for disabled people, and school transport. It makes sense to have a partner who can quickly understand your organization’s functions, goals and needs in a holistic way. This makes it possible to begin planning how to put your resources to best use, right from the beginning of our partnership


Demand responsive transport and GDPR

DRT Solutions help you to follow the new rules for dealing with personal data that GDPR demands. Our system, Drip, has been created with GDPR in mind, which makes it straightforward to meet the challenges that today’s laws present. Choose DRT Solutions and get vital support and secure solutions for both system managers and end-users.



Drip – the future of demand responsive traffic

Drip is a flexible, feature-rich system developed specifically for the challenges of the demand responsive transport sector. It gives system owners a space where they can run prognostic checks, streamline resource use, assess opportunities for partnerships, and get hold of correct information about potential sub-contractors – with the ultimate goal of providing a better service to end-users. In addition, the system is ready for future developments in artificial intelligence.


Transport that gives people access to public services

On-call public transport includes a number of complicated processes, where a great number of factors have to be taken into account in order to get the end-user from one place to another. For us at DRT Solutions ,it is very important to be able to meet individual needs as best as possible. Therefore, Drip can register, take into account, and make plans based on many more customer-specific demands than any other demand responsive transport system.

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