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Changing the booking and planning system in Staffanstorp

The Samres Group has been responsible for organizing and administering travel services – such as transport for the disabled, work transport, medical travel, and certain school transfers – in Staffanstorp municipality since 1994.

In 2018, it was time to make changes to their booking and planning system.

Ever since its launch in 1994, the same system for booking and planning on-call transport has been in place in Staffanstorp. It’s safe to say that all parties were familiar with it! Of course, minor changes and developments have made during that time, but people have been using basically the same system for a long time which one must be respectful of.


At the beginning of 2018, Samres decided to give DRT Solutions the task of implementing a new booking and planning system, a change that had to be put in place before the end of May. When the timescale was later finalized, 19th May 2018 became the deadline for the new system to be operational.


months from decision to launch

Changing the system involved a lot of tasks, such as transferring data, putting configurations in place, and training – all of which had to be done while keeping numerous stakeholders onside. Communicating the changes was also a vital part of the project. In our world it is often the case that people have worked with the same system for many years. In recent years, end-users have also begun to use apps or websites, so their preferences and experiences also had to be taken into account.

The system change can be divided into the following tasks:

  • Inventory and definition of existing data
  • Data extraction from existing system
  • Configuration of new system
  • Definition and loading of data into new system
  • Configuration of links to external systems
  • Training of:
    • Management personnel

    • Personnel at the order and dispatch center

    • Drivers

    • Other transport operators

  • Communication to service users, their carers, colleagues, and other stakeholders about the changes that will affect them (for example the new app and website for travelers).

From decision to launch in four months

This is obviously a brief summary, and every item on the list included several sub-items. You should not underestimate the amount of work involved in a system change of this nature, but at the same time a structured approach and strong links to all stakeholders provided the conditions to succeed. In Staffanstorp, we went from the ‘go-ahead’ decision to having a new operational system in place in about four months.

19th May 2018 was D-day, when Drip went into operation for the first time. We were, of course, a little nervous when the first bookings were received, but everything went according to plan without any major mishaps.


Within the Group of which DRT Solutions is a member, nine system changes of this kind have been successfully done since 2000, at an average of one every two years. Of course, that doesn’t include the occasions when we have put systems into place when there was previously no existing framework.


Do you have any questions about  changing your booking and planning system?


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