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Implementation of new transport agreements in Västtrafik

Västtrafik undertook a transport procurement beginning in spring 2018. The procurement covered all on-call transport in the whole of West Götaland, which would involve over 1000 vehicles and a large number of contractors (a relatively large number of which had their own sub-contractors).


The result of the procurement was that around 50 different agreements were put in place, all of which required an implementation plan.

1 000

vehicles and many contractors

An key part of the implementation plans were the agreements signed by contractors. These demanded that a number of tasks would be documented and scheduled according to an agreed schedule. This was all done in order to ensure that newly contracted service providers would be safe and accountable.

Among the information to be recorded was:

  • Vehicle, proof of registration or contract of sale
  • Insurance
  • Sub-contractors
  • Driver
  • Driver’s training record
  • Sub-contractor agreement
  • Sub-contracted driver
  • And more...


To make it possible to follow up all these checks, we at DRT Solutions created a digital tool that we call SamCheck. With SamCheck it’s straightforward for contractors to see what they should do and when they should do it.

The system creates notifications for the contractor when different tasks are due to be completed. The manager, in this case Västtrafik, can use SamCheck to preview, review or approve the task, or else send it back to the contractor for further action.


By structuring the introduction of new contractors in this way, SamCheck reduces the risk of disruptions further down the line.



If you would like to know more about SamCheck, please send us an email at info@drtsolutions.eu or call Martin on +46 704-19 00 53.


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