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Drip in Denmark

FlexDanmark, which is the world's largest organization for demand responsive traffic, has chosen Drip as its new IT platform.

FlexDanmark, which is the world's largest business for demand responsive traffic with a volume of approximately 15,000 journeys daily, has chosen our Drip system as a new IT platform for the operation. The delivery takes place in a collaboration between Netcompany A/S and DRT Solutions AB.

FlexDanmark is jointly owned by the Danish traffic authorities and handles demand responsive traffic of various kinds throughout Denmark.

- The project with FlexDanmark is a great recognition of our work with new solutions for demand responsive traffic. The collaboration between FlexDanmark, Netcompany and DRT Solutions is a strong platform for creating the next generation solution for demand responsive traffic, and we are very happy to be part of that journey, says Björn Falk, CEO of DRT Solutions.

The new IT platform will be fully implemented in Denmark in early 2024.

If you want to know more about Drip and about Drip in Denmark, contact Martin Andersson at martin.andersson@drtsolutions.eu. You can also read more on FlexDanmark's website via the link below: