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Drip, now also in Trelleborg municipality's social trips

Starting today, July 1, Vellinge Taxi AB will start using Drip for their assignment in Trelleborg.

Vellinge Taxi AB has a contract with the municipality of Trelleborg to carry out passenger transport of various kinds. From 1 July, they will book, plan and administer Trelleborg's social trips in Drip.

Vellinge Taxi Drip has already been used Drip in its contract for the municipality of Vellinge. This means that Trelleborg will be the third municipality in the region of Skåne whose social trips are handled in Drip.

Vellinge Taxi is a taxi company that has a number of agreements with public authorities  at the same time as they carry out private and business trips.

The number of travel social trips in Trelleborg amounts to approximately 70,000 per year.