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Products and services

Everything from systems to services

For modern demand responsive transport, we provide a comprehensive range of products and services.

Drip: the booking and planning system for on-call public transport

Drip is a modern booking and planning system for demand responsive transport and scheduled trips as for example schooltrips

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Operational services

DRT Solutions can provide operational support to businesses and municipalities. This includes order handling, transport management, traffic monitoring, management of scheduled trips, con...

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Consultancy services

Do you need help with implementing a new mode of transport in your area? DRT Solutions provide consultancy services for demand responsive traffic.

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Drip Driver

Drip Driver is the app that drivers use to communicate with the system. The app updates driving orders, and drivers take note when passengers are picked up and dropped off

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From complete systems to specific services, and everything in between

DRT Solutions provide everything from a comprehensive on-call public transport system (not including the actual transport) to individual consultancy services. With our booking and planning system, Drip, we deliver a complete package for all types of demand responsive transport.