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Drip: the booking and planning system for on-call public transport

Drip is a modern booking and planning system for demand responsive transport and scheduled trips as for example schooltrips

Drip is created using the latest innovations and is compliant with GDPR rules and laws for handling personal data. As well as providing multiple user-friendly interfaces, Drip offers full system support for the administration and planning of scheduled trips – to support school travel, for example.

Drip is a complete booking and planning system for demand responsive transport and scheduled trips. The booking and planning system Drip is cloud-based and users can access it via the internet. The development of Drip has been made possible by the many years of operational experience in the DRT Solutions team. Drip has been in operation since 19th May 2018.

In Drip, everyone uses the same underlying system but can access it via various user-friendly interfaces, customized for:

  • Booking centre
  • Passengers and their companions, Drip Traveller
  • Personnel in various workplaces, for example schools
  • Administrators
  • Employers
  • Operations personnel in order handling, transport management and/or traffic monitoring
  • Driver, Drip Driver
  • Transportation companies

Drip also features a tool that lets users simulate journeys, then make configuration changes and redo the simulation...again and again. With Drip Simulator you can see how making changes to your journey can impact on travel times, available transport types, distances traveled, and, of course, cost.

Do you want to know more about Drip? Get in touch via the form below, by emailing us at  info@drtsolutions.eu or by calling Martin on +46 704-19 00 53.

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