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Products and services

Operational services

DRT Solutions can provide operational support to businesses and municipalities. This includes order handling, transport management, traffic monitoring, management of scheduled trips, contractual support, administration, and all other aspects of organizing demand responsive traffic. 

DRT Solutions are a part of the Samres Group. The Group has organized and administered on-call transport since the start of 1993.

Our organization offers operational and administrative services as a turnkey operation or through the provision of specific services.

You decide!

Our focus when providing operational services is to ensure that services are performed correctly and cost effectively.

A modern demand responsive transport system requires low overhead costs, so that as much of the public funds invested as possible will benefit the service user.

We do not, however, supply the actual transport. There are many excellent transport providers that do.


If you are interested in finding out more about DRT Solutions and operational support, please contact us at info@drtsolutions.eu, or call Martin on +46 704-19 00 53.