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SamCheck is a digital tool for safely integrating new transport providers into on-call public transport operations. Bringing in new transport providers can be complex, especially when dealing with many organisations with multiple vehicles and drivers.

To safely involve new transport partners you need to ensure that their vehicles have the right equipment, you need to check that their drivers are properly trained and available at the right times, you need to notify your other sub-contractors and partners and obtain their approval, you need to make sure that all licenses and permits are complete and up-to-date, you need to update your schedules and plans, and much, much more.

Large start-up companies with multiple vehicles can be particularly troublesome and if not handled properly, they can bring about disruptions and delays, which are especially tough on sensitive travellers.

The other side of the coin is that it is important to treat all applicants fairly in the procurement process. The overview that SamCheck delivers makes it easier to treat everyone equally.

With SamCheck, both clients and transport providers receive the support required to get their partnership off to the best possible start.

A strong structure and detailed overview are the cornerstones of SamCheck. SamCheck was developed in collaboration with Västtrafik.

You can find out more about SamCheck by emailing us at info@drtsolutions.eu, or by calling Martin on +46 704-19 00 53.