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Tomorrow’s solutions for demand responsive traffic

DRT Solutions provide everything required to organize demand responsive transport in a modern, safe and efficient way, via secure and up-to-date IT systems.

New solutions built on experience

At DRT Solutions we have extensive experience of all aspects of demand responsive transport and we use this experience to create innovative solutions. Read more about our solutions here.

Drip – the booking and planning system

Drip is our travel booking and planning system. It has been created with the latest technology and is, of course, compliant with GDPR laws for handling personal data. Drip Traveller is our easy-to-use customer interface. Read more about this product here.


Drip: the booking and planning system for on-call public transport

Drip is a modern booking and planning system for demand responsive transport and scheduled trips as for example schooltrips

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Operational services

DRT Solutions can provide operational support to businesses and municipalities. This includes order handling, transport management, traffic monitoring, management of scheduled trips, contractual support, administration, and all other aspects of organizing demand responsive traffic. 

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Experience and innovation

By combining the latest digital technology with over thirty years of experience and expertise in on-call public transport, transport for the disabled, medical travel, and school transfers, DRT Solutions create innovative tools and processes for demand responsive transport.


About us


Changing the booking and planning system in Staffanstorp

The Samres Group has been responsible for organizing and administering travel services – such as transport for the disabled, work transport, medical travel, and certain school transfers ...

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Implementation of new transport agreements in Västtrafik

Västtrafik undertook a transport procurement beginning in spring 2018. The procurement covered all on-call transport in the whole of West Götaland, which would involve over 1000 vehicles and a large number of contractors (a relatively large number of which had their own sub-contractors).

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Drip in Denmark

FlexDanmark, which is the world's largest organization for demand responsive traffic, has chosen Drip as its new IT platform.

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New contract for DRT Solutions

The Swedish region of Värmland has completed a procurement of a bookingcenter, traffic control and administration for trips for disabled people and other passenger transport for the city of Karlstad.

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New app out for travelers

Now the new app for travelers on Gotland is out for download.

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